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Chapter 1

The We Are Cardiff Press is a small, non-profit publisher, showcasing writing and art from creators in the city. We craft collectable, limited edition runs of beautiful books, from literature to photography, and illustration to personal storytelling.

All profits from sales are put back into the Press to fund new books.

Chapter 1

Our first book

The 42b - Dark journeys in Cardiff

The 42b is a collection of short stories and illustrations. Each story follows a different character as they get off the (fictional) number 42b bus and delve into their lives: from wrestlers to adulterers, and pensioners to murderers.

On a cold, bright Saturday morning they share a bus journey, but they also share a city - one where a dim regime hums in the background and coincidences happen far too often...

Eleven writers and illustrators created the book, which has been beautifully designed and made with high quality materials to ensure that each copy is a piece of art that you’ll want to keep forever.

Read a preview chapter from the book here.

Cost: £12 (+p&p)

The 42b - Dark journeys in Cardiff

Who we are

Hana Johnson founded the Press in 2014. She’s been working with the wonderful Helia Phoenix on the We Are Cardiff blog for a while, and this year they decided to branch out into print.

  • Hana

    Hana, director

    Hana is the founder of the We Are Cardiff Press.

    By day she's a parliamentary researcher specialising in human rights. By night she writes fiction and freelance journalism, and dangles on a trapeze.

  • JamesO

    James, design

    James is the lead creative at an online publisher, and a freelance graphic designer. He is the creative director at the We Are Cardiff Press, and spends the rest of his time cooking, painting, drawing and filming.
  • Helia

    Helia, marketing

    Helia founded We Are Cardiff in 2010 - she loves telling stories and has been writing since before she could talk. Career highlights include writing Lady Gaga’s biography, making a documentary film and podcasting about ghosts in the city.

  • Alice

    Alice, events

    Alice is a writer and events manager based in Cardiff, but originally from northern Italy. Her poetry has been published in her native language, and she's now expanding her literary horizons to include writing in English.

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